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As a proud member of the Association of Recovery Community Organizations, we build upon and serve the Recovery Community with these Core Values in mind:

   - Support for all paths to recovery, from         

      addiction and mental health disorders.

    - Work to educate and increase public 

      awareness of addiction and mental health     

      conditions as a public health and safety crisis.

    - Advocate to increase opportunities for those                seeking recovery.


1.) Untreated substance abuse and mental health             

    disorders have a social impact with the loss of     

    workplace productivity, familial discord and   

    separation, reduced educational and occupational            attainment, and increased costs associated with law

    enforcement, and the use of hospitals and the other   

    medical care.

2.) Health Insurance benefits for many seeking treatment

     for substance abuse and some mental health     

     disorders are not delivered on an equal basis with the       life-saving treatment provided for other chronic health


3.) The War on Drugs created an environment where     

     criminalization of a substance use disorders was the 

     priority over providing support and this continues to   

     be the case.

4.) Tens of thousands of Michigan citizens who are in

     recovery are denied educational opportunities,     

     employment, and insurance based on their history.

5.) Due to its stigma and other issues, individuals

     impacted by substance use and mental health

     disorders are without a voice or the political clout to

     support adequate and appropriate services for this           underserved population.


1.) R.E.A.L. Michigan advocates for the implementation of policies and programs that allow access to services,

2.) R.E.A.L. Michigan supports an increase and equitable funding to ensure that treatment, recovery and other services are sufficiently available on demand to those in need.

3.) R.E.A.L. Michigan educates local law enforcement representatives and policy makers on the collateral consequences of the criminalization and stigma attached to addiction.

4.) R.E.A.L. Michigan advocates for the repeal o f discriminatory laws that prevent citizens with behavioral health and related legal histories from having equal access to life enhancing opportunities, thereby hindering their meaningful contribution to their families and communities.

5.) R.E.A.L. Michigan educates and mobilizes the recovery community. This action will provide a unified voice consisting of constituents and their family members. It will create the ability to effectively advocate for appropriate and necessary legislation and policies that support prevention, treatment and access to recovery support services.

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